The Origins And Natures Of The Quran And Paul 's Letters Essay

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Major religions have a form of text, such as the Bible or the Quran, that is deemed sacred. One controversial topic regarding these sacred texts is how they should actually be read. Through discussion of the origins and natures of the Quran and Paul 's letters, it is concluded that how a sacred text should be read is dependent upon various factors such as the origin and the socio-historical context it is written.

Some of the major factors that will contribute to deciding how sacred texts read are the origins and natures of the texts themselves.

While there are vague preconceptions surrounding the Quran 's origins, Islam is in no doubt of how it came to be. The Quran states that the words were spoken to Muhammad from Allah (The Noble Quran, p. 4). Further into the Quran, it reiterated this point in Surah 10 Verse 37 by saying that, " This book could not have been written by anyone but Allah." Because of so much reference to how it has a heavenly origin, it is cemented as heavenly and divine in Islam. It 's divine nature is encouraged by centuries of age old belief of so many people. If so many people have believed it to be a divine book for so long, it would indicate to have at least some form of God-like nature. On the other hand, there is an innate possibility that the Quran was written by a human. The way the Quran is written displays a lack of a sense of composition as stated in this quote, “His characters are all alike, and they utter the same platitudes. He is fond of…

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