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So, her plans had to wait. Invading and capturing Bretagne was now a secondary objective.
She stared at the map in disgust. “Where would the Caretakers have hidden the Grail of Culloden?” she wondered aloud.
The hooded figure in the corner stirred, and a raspy voice replied slowly, “Would anyone know besides the Caretakers?”
She glanced at him, mulling his words. “If the Druids still had the knowledge they once possessed, they might know.”
He quickly rejoined, “Or have something that might reveal its location.”
The comment set her mind spinning. She set the basin on the end table and refilled it with water. As the water coursed across the container, it whirled and reflected candlelight into her eyes. An idea flashed across her mind, an answer so evident she briefly wondered why she had not thought of it earlier. Of course, the Mirror of Avalir!
She leaned back, mulling over the epiphany. If her destiny were tied to finding the Grail, then Mirror would confirm it. Her gaze fell back on the map. In a straight line, she traced a finger from northern Drachnor, through the Kingdom of Bretagne, across the Gulf of Aruna to the Isle of Avalir.
But the wheels of her original plan were already turning, and she couldn’t stop the momentum for the journey to Avalir. If only she could slow events until she found the Grail. Her eyes focused on the pass through the Black Shadow Mountains near the northern Bretagne city of Keihl. Changing the direction of the advance through the northern…

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