The Original Thirteen Colonies From Great Britain Essay

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After the successful succession of the original Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain the idea of Manifest Destiny became prevalent in America. Manifest Destiny is the American belief that they have the divine right to expand and push westward. Due to this belief, after the 19th century Americans would have acquired a vast majority of the land in the continent. However, before this could occur there would be negotiations, war, and dispute that took place throughout the 1800s-1850s. This period involved disputes including the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, conflict with other countries, The Annexation of Texas, and the settlement in Oregon. Throughout this period of the desire to expand there were advocates of expansion and those who criticized it, each with their own justification. The Louisiana Purchase was a monumental movement towards westward expansion as the U.S purchased over 600 million acres of land from France; this situation was an economic and political victory for the U.S. There were many people who were overjoyed with this purchase because they believed it was there duty to broaden their country. (Doc. E) Although it can be considered a victorious situation for some supporters of expansion, there were those who challenged the idea of gaining a vast amount of land from their enemy, France, and saw it as unconstitutional. James Elliot from Vermont, a Federalist who believed the Louisiana Purchase was unconstitutional clearly explains that because the…

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