Essay The Original Clean Air Act

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Have you ever thought about the real cost of electricity? No, I am not talking about the dollar per kilowatt ratio that electric companies use to bill you for your utilities. I am talking about the impacts of how we use power plants in order to generate electrical energy at the cost of polluting our already damaged planet. The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency is a branch of the united states federal government that was appointed to create and maintain guidelines in order to preserve our natural environment and natural resources. In 1963, the original Clean Air Act was passed in order to help preserve and reduce the amount of air pollution that each state generated. In 1970 and 1990 the Clean Air Act was amended in order to adapt ecological guidelines while focusing on reducing the amount of air pollutants that were be released into our atmosphere.
On, August 3,2015, President Barack Obama and the EPA announced the enactment of a new environmental policy entitled “ The Clean Power Plan” a plan in which would hopefully reduce the amount of carbon pollution generated by power plants. The Clean Power Plan was enacted in order to help each of the 50 states to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that larger scale industrial power plants created and release into the atmosphere. These carbon dioxide emissions are the by-product of the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and other non-renewable resources that have a low level of sustainability and reliability. These…

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