Essay on The Origin Of Von Neumann Architecture And The Edvac

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The origin of von Neumann Architecture and the EDVAC The first description of what is now known as von Neumann Architecture was presented in a paper titled “First Draft of a Report on the EDVAC” by John von Neumann. The idea originated after John von Neumann joined a group of scientists who had detected a problem in the ENIAC’s functionality and wanted to keep developing computer technology after ENIAC’s success. The motive behind this investigation is revealed in a letter between Herman Goldstine and Col. Simon which identified the problems of the ENIAC. These problems were attributed to the task of building the ENIAC in a year and a half (Goldstine 206). There had also been some technological advances in the time period between the ENIAC and the EDVAC that facilitated the implementation of the new computer Architecture. For example, Eckert and Mauchly had devised a component called the delay line which could increase a Machine’s Storage capacity (Goldstine 185) and could store data at 1/100 the cost of a vacuum tube (Goldstine 204). Although the big idea behind modern computer architecture is single handedly accredited to Neumann, there were other scientists who laid the groundwork and exposed the basic necessities that computers in the future should cover. Herman Goldstine identified that new machines should contain fewer tubes, should be capable of performing different tasks without being rewired, should be capable of storing a big amount of data without increasing the…

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