The Origin Of Traveller As A Whole Essays

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As Mercenary 1st Edition appeared in the earliest days of Mongoose Traveller, with much of written possibly before the playtest was complete – there was a profound disconnect between what the 1st edition was and what emerged from the playtest. For a great many rules and tweaks appeared in the playtest sought to make Traveller a thoroughly modern role-playing game. However, 1st edition Mercenary did not really keep pace with the spirit and intent of the playtest. Now, to Mongoose’s great credit – they have released a second edition which corrects some of those drawbacks and highlights some of the weaknesses of Traveller as a whole.

Traveller was conceived by a bunch of wargaming enthusiasts – like many early Old School Games – whereas as many a game died or returned to a melee based game (yes, I am looking at you – D&D) – Traveller was different because they recognized that there was a social science and a historical dimension to play. Nowhere was this more evident than in one of the first supplements which outlined a vast interstellar empire – and the supplement’s name was Mercenary. That first supplement was a sort of add-on that allowed players a highly detailed simulation from chargen to more futuristic weapons than lasers powered by backpacks (fusion weapons powered by backpacks). Of course, Star Wars changed the weapons and it also changed somewhat the Mercenary. As Traveller was grounded in part – the Roman Empire sensibility – small standing Imperial Army and…

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