Out Of Africa Theory: The Origin Of Homo Sapiens

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The origin of Homo sapiens is a theme emanating numerous theories and inquiries regarding where man came from. An example approach is the multiregional hypothesis which suggests that Homo sapiens evolved independently in different parts of the world. Although the Out of Africa theory states Homo sapiens evolved in Africa and replaced Homo erectus, there is evidence which proves this is not the case and that Homo sapiens had evolved within multiple regions instead. The three materials which disapprove the Out of Africa theory and support the multiregional theory are tools that developed regionally, transitional fossils which indicate interbreeding between Neanderthal and Homo sapiens and DNA studies suggesting an independent emergence from Africa. It will be shown that the presence of Homo sapiens was one that did not originate from Africa or involve total replacement of Neanderthals and rather was a regional development …show more content…
The tools found in Armenia, Malaysia and Britain could not have originated in Africa due to their age, so people in various regions had the knowledge and intelligence to make modern technology prior to the African migration. Furthermore, fossil evidence in Europe and Asia seem to show a combination of Homo erectus and Homo sapiens features, suggesting that Neanderthals were not totally replaced and that interbreeding did occur. DNA studies also support the genetic continuity of Neanderthal genetic makeup in addition to the independent emergence of individuals having no connection to Africa. In brief, although the Out of Africa theory is well accepted there is plenty of evidence deploring this idea and rather supporting the multiregional hypothesis to explain the evolution of

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