The Origin Of The English Language Essay

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The Sami, who live in the northern tips of Scandinavia and Russia, have as many as 1000 words for reindeer. The english language, however, has far less. This stark difference is due to the fact that languages are shaped by the people who use them daily. People who live in colder climates like northern Russia see reindeer more often and have more of a use for them , while someone in New York may have never seen them in their entire lives. Therefore, they would need more words to describe different attributes of reindeer, like the shape of their antlers, personality, and fitness. Since languages change based on who is using them, it makes sense that the English language has changed so much throughout its existence. Even though the English language has not existed for a long time, relatively 2000 years, it has made considerable changes since the days when it was first created. English is divided into three periods, Old English, Middle English, and Modern English. Though considered Modern English, many of the early literary works that fit into the time frame are written very differently from how they are written today. Material written during the time considered Old English is even harder to understand, with different spelling of some words and completely new letters altogether.
With the invention of words like “twerk” and “on fleek,” it is pretty obvious that English is always changing. It would be safe to assume that if there was such a change in the way people speak in just…

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