The Origin Of The Aboriginal Australians Essays

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Did you know that the Aboriginal Australians, also known as Aborigines, are descendants of the first people to leave Africa up to 75,000 years ago; and according to Australian Geographic, there has been a genetic study that found the Aborigines may be the oldest continuous culture on the planet? This is fascinating because as I dug deeper into when this tribe migrated to Australia I found out that modern man didn’t migrate from Asia to Australia until 60,000 years ago, so this tells us that the Aborigines were the first Socio-Culture group to ever leave Asia (Aboriginal Culture).
The first Aboriginals lived in an Australia that contained a better living environment than we see today. Large animals that are now extinct today provided more meat than the animals we currently harvest, and some parts of the land were far richer in vegetable foods even though there were no cultivated crops. They didn’t have the luxury of having domesticated animals, such as cattle, sheep, or pigs. This caused the Aborigines to adjust and adapt to whatever part of the continent that they so desired to inhabit. Australia 's environment is very harsh so that meant that the Australian Aborigines had to build shelters to protect them from the elements, such as the sun, heavy rainfalls, and even from the strong winds. Every tribe was different and the type of shelter that they built was determined based on specific needs. Some shelters were simple and others were more complex. Trees became a very…

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