The Origin Of Sushi

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Japan has a rich history of cultural foods, and many of them have meanings behind them. One of those dishes is sushi. Sushi is one of the most popular dishes in the world and is loved by many people. This dish may seem simple, however it is a complex dish since the fish is prepared raw and must compliment the rice well. Sushi should be considered an art form because of the way it is prepared by the hands, and how the various colors of the fish compliments the white rice. Although sushi seems simple, it is prepared in a way that is enticing to the eyes and savory in the mouth. Sushi is commonly known around the world as a Japanese cuisine, however sushi has its roots in Southeast Asia. Sushi is confused with the modern way of making sushi that …show more content…
For example, McDonald’s has burgers; in the United States the burgers that are most popular is the cheeseburger or the bacon burger, while in Japan there is a fusion of cultures when it comes to McDonald’s. There are teriyaki burgers and shrimp burgers in Japan’s McDonald’s chain, the reason being because those types of cuisines and tastes is popular in Japan, shrimp and teriyaki is widely eaten in Japan and is a part of Japanese food culture. If the Japanese chain of McDonald’s did not have those kinds of options, then McDonald’s hamburgers wouldn’t be as popular as it is in Japan. This is the same phenomenon with sushi in the United States, the sushi is fused with different types of ingredients to cater to American taste buds; otherwise it would not have blown up as it did in the United States. Like the California Roll, the California Roll got popular because it catered to the American palate. The California Roll (named California roll because of its origins in California) is made out of crabmeat, but mostly imitation crabmeat, cucumber, and avocado, a relatively simple sushi roll. Even though American styled-sushi has been fused into American society to cater to American tastes, many people still see it as strange and revolting because the fact that people eat the fish raw is squeamish. What is unique about sushi though is that it challenges what people consider being food and what can be eaten. Sushi is still relatively new in the United States and is most popular in states that have the most diversity such as California, New York, and Seattle. Many people in America (primarily the Midwest) have yet to try sushi and find it a bizarre concept of food, mainly because there is less Asians, primarily Japanese, concentrated in

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