The Origin Of Quilting

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Quilting is an artform that has been passed down through generations. The origins of quilting is still unknown to the public but it is known that it has been around for centuries. The art has traveled through sad and happy times in our world 's history, and it will continue to do that in the future. Quilting is defined as the joining together of layers of fabrics with lines stitching to form a bed cover, warm garment, or for decorative effect. Quilting has been pegged as being an older person 's activity or boring, but that simply is not true. More and more American children are being enrolled into sewing and quilting classes each year.
In an interview with Stephanie Collings, she spoke about her career in quilting. She began her own business
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Although it has been around for years the biggest influence happened in the late 1800s to the early 1900s. It helped Americans get through crucial and challenging times in our country. When the women 's suffrage started in 1848, quilting became a women 's activity. Women in this era were expected to to stay at home and to be the ideal housewife. As men were going to work, women started to pick up the activity of quilting. Women in this time usually learned how to sew from their mother when they were young children. As the popularity of quilting increased, fabric stores began to sell out on materials that you needed to quilt. The producing of quilting helped the financial problems in America because women started to sell and make a profit from the art. Although it helped with our financial problems it did not stop the events that happened in the 1920s. The Great Depression plummeted the financial stability in America. People began to lose their homes, assets, and most importantly jobs. Many men were sent home and were told not to come back and over a variety of families were homeless. The men no longer had control of providing for their family, and in many cases the responsibility fell on the Women. They had no money to buy new tools or materials to make quilts, so in return they made no money. In result of that, they started to take any materials they could find whether it be curtains, old shirts, socks, or many other things and …show more content…
One of the largest made quilts is referred to as a memory quilt. A memory quilt is a quilt that uses materials from the past to show affection towards important events. The most recent memorial quilts that have been made were for lost soldiers, victims of mass shootings, and bombing attacks. It is acknowledged that when a person has a tragedy they try to seek an alternative hobby to keep their mind off of their pain. Some resort to doing activities like listening to music, reading, painting, sewing, and quilting. People think that quilts are just blankets and nothing more, but what some people do not understand is the overwhelming happiness and comfort you can achieve through a quilt. It is an art that can assist in helping them feel closer to their ancestors, friends, fallen soldiers, and lost love ones. Quilting can also be very beneficial for your health. Quilting is proven to be a relaxing activity and it also keeps younger and older brains active. Most nursing homes provide quilting for older people to maintain strong brain activity. People believe that we should start teaching kids at a young age how to quilt. Their reasoning is that if they start to quilt at a young age it will keep their brain going at all times and create patience that they will need as they grow up. Sociologists have discovered that quilting on a daily basis has improved marriages, friendship, and

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