Pythagoras Research Paper

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At about twenty centuries ago there was an amazing discovery about right angled triangles: “In a right angled triangle the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of squares of the other two sides.” It is called Pythagoras Theorem and can be written in one short equation: a²+b²=c² where c is the longest side of triangle and a and b are the other two sides.
Pythagoras was born in the island of Samos in 570 BC in Greek in the eastern Agean. He was the son of Mnesarchus and his mother's name was Pythais as early writers say. His father was a gem-engraver or a merchant. As to the date of his birth Asistoxenus stated that Pythagoras left Samos in the reign of Polycrates at the age of forty.
Great Philosophers/Scholars does not agree that
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Similarly, pointing out the necessity of survey for related literature. Goode and Scote (1941) says, "Survey of related literature helps us to show whether evidence already available solves problems adequately without further investigation and thus may remove duplication. It may contribute to general scholarship of the investigator by providing ideas, theories and explanations valuable in formulating the problem and may also suggest the appropriate methods of …show more content…
This research is applied versus fundamental research because in this research is carried out to find answers to practical problems to be solved.
As the present problem for research in primarily Philosophical in nature. So, the investigator will base his study in the Philosophical and Historical method.
The relevant information will be treated various primary and secondary sources. The primary source consists of Vedas.
The secondary source of information will be based on the material available in the form of research papers, magazines, Journals, periodical newspapers and books on the topic.

Primary Data
The data collected by the researcher himself/herself is called Primary Data. This is data that has never been gathered before, whether in particular way or a certain period of time. Researchers tend together this type of data when what they want cannot find be find from outside sources. The primary source consists of Vedas.

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