The Origin Of Manifest Destiny Essay

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During the early half of the 1800’s, the United States desired and pushed for the nation’s expansion of its territories throughout North America. The ideology of Manifest Destiny was what drove the colonist to pursue the expansion of the country. Manifest Destiny was a radical form of imperialism; proven by the way Americans expanded westward, gaining control of lands as it advanced , and brutally forcing the removal of many pervious inhabitant’s. Leading to bloody battles and victory for the United States, but still in no way were the Colonist’s actions justifiable.
As the United States advanced, it expanded westward believing that America was designed by God to expand its boundaries over a large region. Americans used this ideology as an attempt to justify their aggressive actions in their advancements. An agreement signed in 1803 between Livingston and James Monroe, later to be called the Louisiana Purchase more than doubled the country’s size. Leading to more expansion and the movement of people into the interior of the Americas to increase. As the years went by and more lands were being taken over, the idea that the United States could become the leading power in the Americas began to encourage the need for expansion of land. In the 1840’s, Manifest destiny was printed, by the “penny press”, increasing its ideology throughout the nation. Manifest Destiny goal was to reach social perfection and create a growing sense of American nationalism. Europe revolutionaries tried…

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