Essay about The Origin Of Life On Earth

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One thought-provoking and complex question to ask is how life originated on Earth. Overtime there have been many concepts attempting to explain how life originated. Ranging from theistic creation to spontaneous generation, such as the premise that maggots were created from leaving rotting flesh outside, there have been a multitude of argued concepts. While modern science may dispel mainstream beliefs of the past, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding the origin of life. The Earth is billions of years old, yet Homo sapiens only arose roughly 195,000 years ago, leaving a plethora of questions unanswered on life’s origin and past. Nonetheless, with advances in modern science, scientists from around the world strive to answer questions about life’s origin on Earth and what conditions made it possible. Life on Earth originated billions of years ago, either in the conditions of an early Earth environment or from deep-space meteors, the most compelling hypotheses aiming to explain how life originated are abiotic synthesis, the deep-sea vent hypothesis, and panspermia.
A popular theory aiming to explain the origin of life on Earth is abiotic synthesis, a hypothesis which argues an early Earth atmosphere would have provided an ideal environment for the formation of amino acids and other components of life. In Prebiotic Soup-Revisiting the Miller Experiment, Jeffrey L. Bada and Antonio Lazcano (2003, p.745) say abiotic synthesis had its beginnings with the coinage of…

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