Essay on The Origin Of Law With Close Friends Or Relatives

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When discussing the origin of law with close friends or relatives, you may soon discover that everyone has a different opinion on the source of law and how it emerged. Did law first come into practice when we started to have conflicts among fellow human beings? Or has law been on this earth since the beginning of time. After the consideration of the origin of law, we then also have to consider the development of the legal system. Law is a very complex subject; It has different meanings and parts to the word. When most people think of the word law, they picture a court room with a lawyer defending his/her client, while talking to the very stern looking judge. But in fact law doesn’t have to be about court rooms and judges it can be as simple as the rules or regulations we follow on a daily basis as we are living our complex lives.

One of the first important topics when talking about law is the origin of law. Did law just appear out of thin air when the earth was created or was it created through the centuries when human civilization started to appear? Without laws there would be no peace. I think without the laws put into place countries would not be able to function peacefully. Back when cavemen were roaming the earth with the dinosaurs, even though they might not have had formal laws put into place, I feel as though they would have had informal rules that were agreed on and followed by their group/tribe. As centuries passed and humans started to dominate earth and create…

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