The Origin Of Human Nature Essay

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Nature is the elementary or intrinsic feature of an entity, especially when seen as a characteristic of it. When we refer to ‘nature’ we will discuss it relative to ‘human nature’, which is the essential metaphysical argumentation of distinguishing traits that humans tend to hold naturally; in other words the human way of thinking, feeling, and acting. The origin of human nature is perhaps the ultimate question that aims to explore the complete ethical, political, and theological spectrum of western philosophy and therefore political understanding of humans. Human nature can be defined as the nucleus of our way of life, it can also be said to regard the constraints and hinderances that impede living a good life, and thus achieve total happiness. This domain of inquiry essentially ask what it means to be human and thus our purpose.

Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli and St. Thomas Aquinas delve into the paradox of understanding human nature as a means to understand our purpose through our natural reasoning, and therefore how one may lead a successful life. One must study human nature in order to develop an understanding into politics as it deals with the complexity of beings, and thus the activities associated with the governance of beings. In the same words, both, Aquinas and Machiavelli advocate the necessity of human understanding if one is to comprehend the full breadth of politics, that is presented to us from their contrasting positions. Machiavelli speaks to the…

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