The Origin Of Hinduism

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The religion of Hinduism started and is most practiced in the country of India and is said to be one of the oldest religions in the world at over 3,000 years old. The get a decent understanding of Hinduism we need to look at the history of the religion and where it started, how the religion is organized as compared to other religions of the world, and the primary beliefs and practices of those that identify themselves as “hindus.”

The word or name “hindu” is now an accepted term for those that practice Hinduism around the world. The term “hindu” actually came from the muslim invaders that invaded the Indus river valley in 1300’s AD. Hindu was the word that was used for the Indus river. So, the people that inhabited the Indus valley where
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These religions, have a central figure as the founder of the religion and a common scripture or text that gives direction, structure and sets core beliefs. Hinduism does not have any of these types of organization. Hinduism also does not have a standardized form of worship or a central authority of the religion, like the Pope in Catholicism. In Hinduism, its followers do not have a normal day or time scheduled to worship and the primary place of worship is in the home. Temples are secondary places to worship and there are rarely set times to worship at the temple. Many religions promote community activism and have a mission to convert people to the faith. Hinduism does not promote activism or promote trying to convert people to their beliefs. Hindu’s believe that personal growth and change is what affects the community in a positive way. Instead of trying to actively convert people, Hindu’s are just accepting of people that are willing seeking the …show more content…
Looking at the religion from the outside looking in, one would think that with the numerous gods that are worshipped in Hinduism that it would be accurate to say that it is a polytheistic religion. However, it seems that Hindus themselves see Hinduism as more of a monotheistic religion. The Hindu god Brahman is said to be the main god in Hinduism that is above all the other gods. Brahman is known as the god that created everything and known as the “world soul.” Brahman is said to be in everything and everyone and is described as “pure consciousness,” instead of as a father figure as other world religions see their main deity. The minor gods in Hinduism are seen as gods that symbolize things like learning and music, love, rain and loyalty to serving god. Another belief that Hinduism has is the belief in reincarnation. Reincarnation is the concept that when you die, your soul comes back again in another life. In what form or situation you come back in depends on the concept of karma. Karma can be negative or positive. Positive karma can be gained by doing good deeds or fulfilling your religious duties in life. Negative karma, can be gained by doing evil actions and causing others to suffer in life. If you have positive karma when you die you can come back into a better situation in your next life. This is often seen as coming back in a higher caste or to a better situation in the next life. When a

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