The Origin Of American Exceptionalism Essay

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American Exceptionalism
The concept of American Exceptionalism has been a topic of discussion for many decades. As a matter of fact, the debate that surrounds the concept of American Exceptionalism doesn’t arise in a vacuum. It arises from the various usages over time, which is related to the historical development of America that makes it different from any other nations. It makes it even more difficult and complicated to establish just one single definition of this concept. Adding to that, many people from different cultural and religious backgrounds have various ideas of what America means to them. Thus, this essay will trace back the origin of American Exceptionalism and will highlight the various and often conflicting usages over time.
What is American Exceptionalism? The concept is related directly to the origin and the development of the United States; what makes it unique, extraordinary, and distinguish it from any other countries in the world. As Leslie Fiedler has observed, “to be an American (unlike being British or French or whatever) is precisely to imagine a destiny rather than to inherit one: since we have been always, insofar as we are Americans at all, inhabitants of myth rather than history…” (Abbott n.p). This implies that the whole notion of the natural design of the United States as a nation distinguishes it from any other nations is mystical. In fact, American Exceptionalism is very complex and difficult term because of its historical development and…

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