Essay about The Organizational Structure Of Congress

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There are many things that make up the organizational structure of congress. The first would be informal structures. There are various norms that provide an informal structure for the way congress works. There is universalism which is a norm that states when benefits are being split up they should be awarded to as many districts and states as possible. When handing out federal highway dollars or expenditures for the Pentagons weapons programs, the benefits are generally spread across the entire country which means that voters in support of these bills tend to be very uneven. A good example would be the $662 billion 2012 defense appropriations bill contained some spending in every part of the country and approved by an 86-13 vote in the senate and a 286-136 margin in the house. There is also logrolling which is a form of trade in which members of congress support bills that they otherwise might not vote for in exchange for other members’ votes on bills that are important to them. The norm of specialization is also important for both the efficient operation of congress and for members of reelection. By becoming an expert on given issues, members provide important information to the institution as a whole and also create a basis for credit claiming. The last norm is the seniority norm which serves individuals and institutional services. The members who have served the longest service on a committee will chair the committee. This norm benefits the institution by confirming…

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