The Organization 's Mission, Vision, And Values Essay

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The organization’s mission, vision, and values. What does it tell you about the company, their culture, their direction? Does it convey the purpose and primary objectives of the company? If so, how, if not what is missing?
Based on the Harley Davidson’s mission, vision, and value statements the message is clear and not complex. H-D is committed to fulfilling dreams and creating memorable experiences for their customers and their core values define the manner in which that should happen from a customer service standpoint. Event though each of their five core values are simple and no more than three words long, which are 1. Tell the truth 2. Be fair 3. Keep your promises 4. Respect the individual 5. Encourage intellectual curiosity and are essential and in line with the purpose and primary objective to support the achievement of the mission and vision of the company (Satterfield, 2014).
The organization’s strategic goals. Based on your research, what are the top three strategic goals of your chosen company? Moving forward with a clear road map and allocating money and personnel accordingly is what every organization wants. In order to achieve that goal H-D has a four pillars corporate strategy that they go by. Growth Leadership development Continuous improvement Sustainability
The relative alignment of strategic goals with the organization’s mission, vision, and values. Include at least three examples of how the strategic goals help and/or hinder the organization…

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