The Organization 's Infrastructure, Financial Capital And The Human Resource Element Of The Corporation

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Organizations are supposed to operate seamlessly in terms of the current and future needs of the corporations. Planning is integral to the process that corporations use to designate the allocation of resources towards the achievement of the short term goals and the long term objectives of the organization. The means through which this process is handled for the efficient and optimum outcomes of future ventures and modes of operation of the firm is called strategy. In organizations, there are various resources that are available to the disposal of organization. These are the organization’s infrastructure, financial capital and the human resource element of the corporation (Juul Andersen & Minbaeva, 2013). In order for these elements to work together in a way that seeks to achieve the objectives of the organization, they must be pre-arranged in order to meet that end. Therefore, strategy comes across as a means of actualizing the achievement of those parameters.
The Concept of Strategy The concept of strategy is old. It can be traced as far back as the Holy Bible when the serpent tricked Eve into partaking of the fruit from the tree of knowledge. Much closer to our times, we see that that scholarly works such as the Art of War by Sun Tzu and even the Art of Seduction by Machiavelli are books that deeply discuss the issues of strategy when confronting certain obstacles. They highlight the fact that strategies are a pre-planned course of action. They are calculated…

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