The Organization That I Volunteer At Is Casa Central Early Learn Program

1001 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
The organization that I volunteer at Is Casa central early learn program. The program focus on the improvement of children social skill by providing them with tutoring. Also, Casa Central helps educate children at an early age by promoting learning skills. Therefore, Casa Central helps child growth by improving their academic performance and help build relationships and trust. Also, children develop confidence. At an early age, children are taught about the difference between good and bad acts. Also, the children are taught how to read and write. Also children are taught to listen directions when they are told. Also, learning programs focus on encouraging children creativeness by expressing their talents. Also, they help children interact with other student appropriately instead of harming in each other. Also, they are taught how to work in groups and have leadership skills. The children are allowed to do activities that help their mindset to grow. For example, they offer computer programs to enhance their vocabulary and communication skills. Also, the children have activities that focus on reading books out loud and drawing. What I Observed in the early learn program is that I saw a child screaming and crying to the teacher .The teacher was talking to two children about what happened. I saw one child struggling to explain to the teacher. He kept saying: You’re not a teacher”. The child was so furious that he kept throwing chairs and toys in the…

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