The Organization Structure And Organizational Structure Essay

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Task 1
Q1: The organization structure is deepened on organization objective and strategy in the middle structure and main management has right to make decision and they have the authority to do this. The typically hierarchical authority of management of organization structure they show that how its work and how it operate as well as they teach the rules and regulation of the organize control and management. The organization structure is referring to the way that an organization is managing the people for the job purpose so that they can work equally and the goals can be easy to achieve. Some time work group have fact to fact communication is frequent. In formal structure is not more important for the organization. In organization there any size or complexity employees responsible for the work for e.g. how they work which kinds of system s are followed and main is who they report to.
Important of the organisation
 In Hierarchical structure is especially critical for choice making. Most organizations have level authoritative structure. In small organizations more a level hierarchical structure in point a chief can report to the president rather than an executive, and their associates are just two levels below from the main management. The Level structures is little organizations to settle on quickly choices, as they are frequently becoming with new items and need to be change something. The Business Plan, a little organization is not even stress over authoritative…

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