The Organization Name Heart Foundation And How Entrepreneurship Changed How This Organization Works

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Executive Summary
This report is about the Organisation name Heart Foundation and how entrepreneurship changed how this organisation works. It also provides information how it helped this organisation to be successful in encouraging people of New Zealand to stand in taking care of their heart’s health. Media and campaigns such as the Go Red for Women, this campaign is specifically created to help the women of New Zealand to take care of their heart’s health. As what the study has showed that women are more prone in developing heart disease rather than man which is due to a lot of problem concerning gender (The Heart Foundation, 2015).
Question 1
(a) Definition of entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurship is defined as being able to develop a business from ground to up, creating new ideas that will be part of a profitable business (Brooks, 2015). It is also the willingness or the capacity of an individual to develop, manage or organize a business along with its risk that the business would fail in order to produce profit. An entrepreneurial spirit of a business man can be described as the ability to take risk and being an innovative fellow (Business Dictionary, 2015). Having a spark of creativity and a passion to change the world in a person’s view point without considering how hard it may become. Being able tackle new stuff without any hesitation due to the risk in failing. Sees the risk for failing as a challenge that can be a meaningful experience. Being able to recognise…

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