The Options Of The Oil Drilling Industry Essay

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Futuristic: It is important for the taxpayers of the United States to consider the options of the oil drilling industry. Supported by the prior research and evaluation, the continuation of conventional oil drilling throughout the United States will not only improve its economical and environmental futuristic aspects, but will ensure the survival of the United State’s global dominance in the oil industry. OPEC has faced severe drops in profits from the competition of booming private American oil companies flood oil onto the market, and this will only get worse with time as the currently rich oil producing nations’ pockets run dry. Fracking is deemed an economical solution for today’s oil economy, but in its actuality, it is only a temporary solution. It has serious environmental backlashes, such as deteriorating the country’s water supply and overall environment 's health, and will have the nation paying for its mistakes in the future.
If the US frequents the methods of fracking, the increase in water droughts will show not only to only affect homes, but will affect agricultural production rates and yields. “Considering the fact that over half the nation is currently experiencing water droughts, the concept of using massive amounts of water to probe underground for oil and gas that may not even be available has given pause to many environmental observers” ("List Of Pros And Cons Of Fracking”). Fracking methods use a considerably larger amount of water, as it depends on the…

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