The Oppression Of South America And The United States Essay

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The oppressed groups in India, South America and the United States were similarly going through the same thing. The oppressed group in India were mentally and physically enslaved. Their way of life had been altered and westernized. The British in India used the idea of western civilization to enslave the Indians. The British used laws to keep the Indians oppressed . Laws about what they could and could not do. The Africans in South Africa were being oppressed by the government shutting them out from everything. The whites wanted to keep the Africans beneath them. They did not see them as regular people only as people that were inferior to them. As Mandela said in the passage, “the African people were not part of the Government and did not make the laws by which they were governed” (Underwood 244). The government continued to keep them oppressed with violence and military power. The Africans were carelessly being killed and murdered and the whites continued to shut them out. The Africans lived in poverty and in the ghettos while the whites in nice neighborhoods and did not have to worry about where their next meal would be coming from like the black Africans. “The whites enjoyed in highest standard of living in the world while the Africans lived in poverty and misery” (Underwood 249). The African Americans in the United States were also being oppressed by their government and the white Americans. The African Americans were being discriminated against especially in the…

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