The Opportunity Structure My Parents Essay

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INTRO Growing up, almost every parent will tell you, “you can be anything you set your mind to!” or “the possibilities are endless”. But from an early childhood my parents were creating an opportunity structure for my life. Through my 20 years, how I was taught, the places I went to, the people I interacted with and the implications of society and societal norms followed me. As with many other families, my parents focused on “setting” me up for the best possible future. But little did they know, they were contributing to a society where some people are allotted more privileges and opportunities than others through things like social class and schooling choices but also by things like their gender, their range and the people their parents expose them to. In this paper I will be talking about the opportunity structure my parents have created for me growing up as a white, female, middle class American and how this structure has impacted the career aspirations I now have and will continue to work toward as I get older. I will attempt to deconstruct this complex social construction by looking at gender, social class, family influences, race, and things like economic globalization or socialization; which will be discussed in greater detail further along. When analyzing sociological concepts like gender, social class, and race sociologists use what they call a sociological lens. Using a sociological lens will allow me to take the experiences I had and look at them on a…

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