The Opinion On The Conservative White Males Essay

1430 Words Dec 1st, 2016 6 Pages
Main research question/ objective. This article tries to understand whether the conservative white males in the U.S are more likely to express climate change denial compared to other adults.
As previous empirical studies point out, firstly, the conservative white males as a group makes up the most prominent portion of the climate change denialists “within the ranks of elites”, besides non-whites, females, and liberal political view holders are more likely to “express concern about global warming” than the conservatives, white, and males, respectively. Based on these two general trends, this article tries to testify the intersectional impact of “political ideology, race, and gender” and use five self-reported understanding of global warming variables includes timing of global warming, primary cause of global warming (whether it is anthropogenic), scientific consensus on global warming, and worry about global warming to generate the climate change denials in a more specific way.

Main theoretical framework and theory employed by the author There are two main theoretical frameworks the author employed as the basis of the analysis in this article, which are the identity-protective cognition thesis proposed by Kahan and other researchers and the system-justification tendencies of political conservatives by Jost and others in the political psychology discipline. The identity-prospective cognition thesis mainly deals with the “white male” effect, specifically, it states that,…

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