The Opening Scene Of The 1931 Film Production Of Frankenstein

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In the opening scene of the 1931 film production of Frankenstein, the host on-screen introduces and warns us of the horrifying tale about to take place. “I think it will thrill you, it may even shock you, it might even horrify you...Well, we’ve warned you” (Whale). Originally introduced in the late 1800s, the horror genre does not arrive upon the American film industry until the early 1930s when pioneer films like Dracula and Frankenstein were first released. Over the years, the popularity of the horror genre has grown and it has become one of the major genres enjoyed by people today. But while the horror genre has become a popular favorite, ideas associated with the genre have also introduced some controversy. Horror films possess an unearthly attraction for gore, evil, and monsters. It is unusual that we as a society are drawn to such dark ideas. Our attraction for horror as a community and as individuals shows exactly how horror is reflective of our basic human nature, the kind of people we truly are.
Our obsession with the monsters and crimes in horror films suggest that, as a society, we have good reason to invest our time in them. Horror films often have monsters or criminals who are involved in grim situations where victims are murdered, abused, or wronged. Seeing how these crimes are unlike what is considered the proper formula to a well-structured society; they completely compromise the strong bonds that a community tries to build. Because as a society, we strive…

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