Essay about The Opening Scene Of Hello Dolly

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Love is something that nearly all people strive for, but many people struggle with the interactions required to find this love. Because of the difficulties people have with finding love, the idea of a matchmaker might sound enticing. In both the movies Hitch and Hello Dolly the main character is a matchmaker, and they each have their own ideas and techniques concerning getting the attention of a potential lover. Hitch was released in 2005, and Hello Dolly was released in 1969 and set around the turn of the century, so it would stand to reason that the ideas and techniques considered viable would be drastically different in the two movies. However, upon viewing of both of these movies, that idea may be proven wrong. The opening scene of Hello Dolly has the main character, Dolly, singing a song about her line of work, and a line that is repeated a few times is “social introduction.” The introduction is possibly the most difficult part of forming a relationship because it takes great courage to walk up to a stranger and try to start a conversation or ask them on a date. Part of Dolly’s job was to aid people in working through this stage of the relationship. She gave people the steps they should follow to make it through the introduction and on to the first date. Dolly also helped with giving ideas on how to make sure that the first date went well. Elegance was the focus of a first date, for making a good first impression was important at that time. Dolly’s only…

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