Essay on The Open Hand Is A Dark Comedy

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The Open Hand is a dark comedy about giving to others without expecting anything in return. The play portrays the life of two couples and their close friendship, but once an act of generosity comes their way, their world is shaken up and true feelings about their relationships begin to emerge. In their mentality an act of generosity becomes about being in debt to the person giving, and having to always return the favor in order to not look bad as a person. If somebody does a generous deed, it means that they want something from you and the reality of the concept of generosity is forgotten. The play consists of only five actors and they all did an amazing job at helping to portray the themes and purpose of the play. The acting was outstanding because we could see the passion and drive in every actor, and that was key in helping the audience engage with what was happening on stage. One of my favorite actors in this play was Melissa David, who played Freya, because I could see her confidence and passion on stage. In the first scene with Lindsay, both ladies were extremely focused on each other, and you could see how every word spoken or body gesture affected each other which meant they were both living in the moment. As an audience it was extremely important for us to see that connection between the two ladies because it made the acting believable, and helped us understand their relationship. Another scene that I really like Freya on was when they had the birthday dinner. In…

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