The Open Door Policy And Diversification Of Foreign Imports Essay

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In The Committee by Sun’Allah Ibrahim, the open-door policy has resulted in an economic and social dependency on the Western world as Egyptians pride themselves in using American and European commodities and global ideals they believe will enrich and improve their lives and country; however, in reality these are detrimental to their society. Through the diversification of Western commodities into Egypt, Egyptians lose their self-sufficiency and nationalist values, allowing the Western world to exploit Egyptian resources and profit through globalization. Egyptian society rejects their own domestic products as a result of an obsession for the West and diversification of commodities from around the world, giving them numerous other options to choose from that they believe to be superior in quality. The effects of the open-door policy and diversification of foreign imports to Egypt are depicted in the preference for American buses and commodities that threaten both health and safety, the destruction of Egyptian resources and companies to allow foreign companies to easily sell their products within the country, and the rise of dishonest markets and profiteering private practices due to capitalist ideals brought over from the West.
The mass consumption of foreign commodities, despite higher prices and poorer quality, as result of widespread diversification, depicts a societal infatuation for the West and their products and homogenization even though it causes further impairments…

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