The Open Boat Summary

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The Mysteries Behind the Walls of Knowledge: Teddy and the captain
J.D. Salinger’s “Teddy” and Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat” are just two works of literature that convey a powerful meaning. Teddy and the captain from “The Open Boat,” despite their age differences, are seen as leaders who are erudite. What does it mean for a leader to be considered erudite? These leaders must demonstrate a strong indication of knowledge. Examples of where knowledge can be perceived are in intelligence, the setting of the boats and the life experiences of each character. Intelligence can be understood in a numerous of ways. It doesn’t have to be seen through the traditional standard way of reading a book to gain knowledge. Some people are gifted with their
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If experience was based on age, theoretically the captain would have more life experiences than Teddy. However, Teddy has spiritual experiences, while the captain has experience of the sea. Teddy exhibits information about his life experience as a mystic during the conversation with Nicholson. Nicholson brings up the idea of reincarnation and how he believed Teddy was a holy man who was reincarnated. Teddy explains how he wasn’t a holy man but was indeed a spiritual person who regularly mediated until he met a lady. As a result of this lady, he was punished by being reincarnated into an American body. Teddy states this when he says “but I wouldn’t have had to get incarnated in an American body if I hadn’t met that lady.” The captain from the beginning of the story is known to have lost his ship and is on a lifeboat with his crew. Normally, the captain would have to stick with his ship no matter what happens. The captain sustained an injury emotionally and physically while seeing his ship go down. The narrator states this by saying “this captain had on him the stern impression of a scene in the greys of dawn of seven turned faces.” This injury does not hinder the captain’s ability to lead the …show more content…
Nevertheless, these boats create the scenery for Teddy and the captain. Teddy is on a cruise ship with his parents and sister booper. The captain is on a life vessel with his crew, which just happens to be their only means of survival. A cruise ship is typically associated with taking a vacation to have a good time. On the contrary, the cruise ship is an escape for Teddy from his American body. Teddy states this clearly during the beginning of the story and towards the end. The orange peels that Teddy sees outside through his porthole are floating away in the ocean. Teddy envisions that he may become an orange peel that may, in the end float away. The ending explains the reference to the orange peel where one can infer that Teddy took his life away in the pool. The captain gives the crew hopes with the sighting of the potential lighthouse in the distance. With the respect and devotion that the captain demands, the crew followed the captain’s course. As soon they reach the lighthouse, they realize there is no one there. Just when the correspondent thinks he is alone with the sharks circling the boat, the captain is there but observing quietly. The correspondent says” Did you see that shark playing around? Wish I had known you were awake.” As tired as the captain is, he never gives up on his

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