Essay on The Open Boat By Stephen Crane

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American author, Stephen Crane often wrote about different predicaments that his fellow man encounters. “The Open Boat” is a fictional account of his experience as a correspondent shipwrecked while on an expedition to the Cuban revolutionaries in 1897 ( where he spent almost 30 hours on a lifeboat with three other passengers. This realistic story depicts how four men are forced onto a 10 foot dingy after their ship sinks. Crane takes a realist approach when describing the natural elements such as unsettling winds and the raging seas which represent the uncaring and unforgiving nature of life. Clearly, Crane narrates the role as the correspondent, while he provides dialog to provide an understanding on how the other passengers are feeling. “The Open Boat” demonstrates that man cannot survive the natural elements and hardships while isolated in the sea without an understanding of nature.
“The Open Boat” uses vivid metaphors to enhance both the magnificent, yet overwhelming nature of the sea. Crane successfully illustrated a situation that isolated the four men, encouraging them to use the elements of the sea that they do not understand. The four men are stranded and isolated, with no help except what they are able to give of themselves. The Capitan, a man of greatest strength and character, was injured. He could have been a great help to the three others in the boat reach the shore safely, but he was “lying in the bow”…

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