Essay on The Ontological Argument For The Existence Of God

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Theists think that it is ridiculous that the Universe can exist without a cause, and, have come to the assumption that the universe was created by God, who exists without a cause, complete with a range of intrinsic traits and values. We can see that although theists believe in god(s) and atheists don 't, both have some similar assumptions about how the universe came to exist.

St Anselm (1033-1109), who was the Catholic archbishop of Canterbury and a Doctor of the Church, first created the Ontological Argument. This is among one of the strangest arguments as well as also being one of the most debated. The ontological argument is notable due to its claim of the existence of God by basing its evidence solely on human reason and without any need for perception or evidence on the subject, or in other words, faith alone proves the existence of God Anselm argues that God resides in the minds of human beings and that God is a possible being who might exist in reality. Anselm says, “He is possible because the concept of God does not bear internal contradictions”. Anselm claims that faith, despite it coming before understanding and reason, has some rational content. It is an interesting argument because it states that God, a perfect being, must exist in all possible circumstances in order to satisfy the definition of his perfection. A God that can exist in only some circumstances, but fails to exist in others is a less than perfect being.

The Catholic thinker and philosopher,…

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