The Ones Who Walk Away From House Of By Ursula Le Guin Essay

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There is this idea in the minds of many: a shining utopia, where society can exist without consequences. There is no war, no crime, no suffering. The people of this city experience only happiness and joyousness. This description is not of any world that can or ever will exist; it is merely a fantasy, one that is described in the story “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” by Ursula Le Guin. Society cannot exist without consequences, there must always be retribution. This splendid city could not exist in the way it does without the monstrous torturing of a single child. This child suffers for all of the city of Omelas; the idea in Omelas is that the suffering of one does not outweigh the comfort of many. The child in this story, mistreated by its fellow man, is a symbol for the millions of farmworkers in the United States who are mistreated by their bosses and the society in which they live. Their suffering for working long hours and their extremely low pay are the things that hold our food industry upright. But this is the difference between fiction and reality: If these workers were paid more and they were treated with dignity by their bosses and society, the entire structure would not come crashing down as it would in Omelas. Although there are some similarities between the city of Omelas and the reality of farmworkers everywhere, in the end, fiction is still fiction and fact is still fact.
The opulence of the metropolitan city in both reality and the fictional world in…

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