The One And Only Ivan Chapter Summary

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Chapter 1: Setting

In the novel The One and Only Ivan there are a bunch of different settings. Some settings in the big top exit 8 mall, Ivan’s domain, and finally the circus. The circus is one that they don't talk about a lot, but it's still important. The other two are very important in this novel. One setting is the big top exit 8 mall, and this is the main setting in the novel. This is because they normally don't talk about stuff out of the mall except a few of the circus but that is not a lot. I think this because, it shows how Ivan introduces himself on pages 1-10 and on one of the pages he says “My domain is in the Big Top Exit 8 mall.” In addition, Mack talks about how they haven’t got a lot of business lately in the middle of the novel and they repaired the sign, they showed a picture of the sign and it says big top exit 8 mall and a picture of Ivan. This connects to page 2 and how Ivan is called the freeway gorilla . That shows how he is at the exit mall and freeway shows that there would be an exit there. In addition, this is also important because they talk about the mall a lot in different kind of ways.
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The first piece of evidence is how on page 2 how he was in his domain and how he describes it a little too. Also on page 2 Ivan says “I'm a ape on at the exit 8.” Ivan said “Here in my domain I don’t have much to do.” (page 15)It also seems Ivan describes his domain and he explains how he has a tv. To add in he says “I usually paint in my domain, and then Mack sells them in his gift shop for 20$ and 25$ with a frame.”(page 17) This shows how Ivan is usually always in his domain and that's where he stays all the time and his home where he does everything. Also it is important because this setting is important in the story and that's where most of it

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