The On The Value Of Life Essay

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The value of life is a very important part of these myths. Nobody wants to die or give their soul away. Gwyligi has been known to harm people, and the devil wanted to take a soul of a stranger, but Jack gave him a dog instead. Both of these myths are based on Christianity. Christianity is a religion based on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, and an ongoing battle with the a deceiving devil, often referred to as satan. In the second story, the devil tries to deceive Jack and take a soul, but Jack outsmarts him. Not only that, but the black dog, Gwyligi, is believed to be a form of, or related to the devil. Myths are almost impossible to verify because they are generally made up stories based in religion. They take an unreal thing, and tie it into what many people believe to be real. All of the miracles, all of the unnatural things, all of the indescribable things from the pre-technology times had to be explained somehow. Because of oral tradition, everybody had to assume that what was said, was accurate, mostly because they had no way to prove it wrong. People believed that gods walked among men, probably because it made for great conversation, but really, it also made sense. Having gods walk among them would explain all of the crazy things that happened, whether it be supernatural or total coincidence.
Two ancient Fairy Tales in British history are The Lady Isabella’s Tragedy and the well-known story of Little Red Riding Hood. The Lady Isabella’s Tragedy is the tale…

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