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The Panama Papers continue to haunt British Prime Minister David Cameron even as he tirelessly campaigns to keep Great Britain in the European Union (EU) ahead of the national in-out referendum on June 23. Earlier, in April, a ComRes poll found nearly half of Britons critical of Cameron’s handling of his financial affairs, calling it “morally repugnant,” after the Tory leader initially ducked and weaved instead of coming clean about how he profited from his father’s offshore interests. Cameron has not seen the back-end of this blowback yet. A more recent survey by the same pollsters has him badly trailing former London mayor Boris Johnson on trustworthiness. Only 21% of those polled thought they could trust Cameron over Johnson on the “Brexit” debate.

Meanwhile, with the referendum promising to be a squeaker, Johnson, charismatic poster-politician of the Vote Leave campaign, is pulling out all the stops to convince Britons that Project Europe was a flawed idea from the start. In a May 15 interview with the Sunday Telegraph, he stoked controversy by comparing the EU to the Roman empire, Hitler and Napoleon in their attempts to unify Europe. Each empire eventually faltered because there was “no underlying loyalty to the idea of Europe and no single authority that anybody respected.” The man touted as Cameron’s successor further blamed the EU for “causing this massive democratic void” by asking members states to subordinate their individual identities before some shapeless…

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