The On The Sky 's Polarization Essay

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At this point, it is important to note that, this particular orientation of rhodopsin in the microvillar membrane which gives selective sensitivity to polarized light by itself is not sufficient to analyse the sky 's polarization. An interesting analogy to spectral vision may be stated at this point to make this concept clearer, just like how it would be impossible to detect various colours if only one colour pigment was present, it is equally impossible to analyse the sky 's polarization if the eyes are sensitive to only one particular type of polarization. Therefore, it is clear that different types of receptor which are sensitive to different types of polarization must coordinate and work to give an unambiguous direction of polarization. Some suggested examples of receptors are, one which differentiates the intensity of incident light, another receptor which detects shade (hue) of colour i.e., sensitive to the wavelength of light apart from the previously discussed polarization sensitive receptor. However, it must be kept in mind that, the greater the number of receptors used, greater will be processing power of the brain and neural network that is required to effectively coordinate and produce meaningful results. It initially was suggested by applying the principle of parsimony and later experimentally verified [10] by studying desert ants, that a navigation system with a minimal number of receptors is possible only when the number of receptors sensitive to colour is…

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