The On The Side Of The Road Essay

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From out of the same direction that the little girl seemed to have appeared from, walked a man shuffling out from in between the houses on the north side of the road. His eyes were milky white with cataracts and his skin looked a waxy yellow. Bruises filled with blood had pooled in the layers skin on one side of his face, giving him the appearance that he had been severely beaten. He was soon followed by two other men, each in no better shape than he was. Then, others followed out from in-between several more of the houses on the north side of the road. They were then trailed by even more of the living dead. “We don’t have another one.” Steaks said. “We got a whole Hell of a lot of ‘em.” “Shit, they must have been in the woods behind all those houses this whole time.” Ryan said after having figured out what was happening. “The shotgun blast must have drawn them out.” “How was I supposed to know?” Johnny grumbled shrugging his shoulders as if to excuse himself of any culpability in calling the zombies from hiding. “Whatever, let’s just get the hell out of here.” Billy stated before taking off running in the opposite direction.


“What are we going to do?” Riley nervously asked his brother. “She’s coming for us.” “Relax, it’s okay.” Mary said trying to reassure the boy. “She‘s the only one that I can see, and she seems pretty slow. We should be able to handle her.” Morgan left the van…

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