The On The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Essay example

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Eight months after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on December 14, 2012, perpetrated by Adam Lanza, investigator Michael Mudry was assigned to figure out the reason why Lanza committed such a heinous crime. Upon inspecting Lanza’s house, Mudry found a multitude of violent first-person shooter and fighting video games, such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. These games allowed Lanza to simulate real-life murder prior to his shootings on December 14. There was much speculation in the media that it was from playing such violent games that Lanza became a killer who took the lives of young children and their teachers. It has been said that seeing graphic violence in video games desensitized Lanza to violence in real life. There was one game that did not support this theory though: Dance Dance Revolution. Lanza had reportedly been going to a movie theater “to play [this] arcade game, the same one, over and over again, sometimes for eight to [ten] hours a night,” (Toppo). This discovery puzzled Mudry and his colleagues, as it was at odds with the theories presented by the media. There is little scientific evidence to support the claim that playing violent video games led Lanza to commit murder, but it is generally agreed upon that these games do have an effect upon young minds (Toppo).
Video games from all over the world are designed to create some effect on the player, but this effect varies from genre to genre. As for the effects of violent games, researchers are…

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