The On The Road Of The Future Essay

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The road to the future is always saturated in a dense fog, refusing one the ability to see, for the most part, what is to come next. Art has been used for several centuries as a means to bring optimism and even pessimism to the individual about the nearby future through communicative messages about the here-and-now or the there-and-after. These messages help shape the form of a civilization, whether be restricted by a religious, traditional practice or by a series of laws—and quite often times, both—, and allow the community to live beyond time through the sense of permanence that they establish within Mother Nature’s domain. With messages of hope and doom, the common people typically seek a leader that will guide them past the cave of falsehood and into the fields of truth and joy, where they intend to live their lives in peace. Some people elect leaders poorly and end up getting bit back by the dog they put into power, but some also benefit from the leaders, whether they be, overall, good or bad. And, to propagate their influence, leaders, politicians, or whatever they are dubbed, commonly use the powerful force of art to gather followers and achieve a direction within the dense fog of the enigmatic future, whether this direction is beneficial to the people, to the leader, or both is unknown. Two notable examples come from the Augustus of Prima Porta from the Ancient Roman Empire and the Incumbent President (as of 2016) of the United States, Barack Obama’s “Hope” poster…

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