The On The Ice Cold Drops Essay

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The accident.
I woke up, feeling amazing. I normally woke up feeling terrible, feeling like there was no point in life, except today was different. I was eager to go to the school I dreaded, I was eager to go on the school trip to Winsthrop Park for geography, the idea simply stunned me. My routine from waking up to arriving at school was normal. I woke up and looked outside at the beautiful sunrise which stretched over the valley of houses. After which I had an invigorating cold shower, in which the cold drops of water pelted my body awakening my soul and very being. Although many hate the ice-cold drops, it allowed me to go into a state of deep thought, planning the miniscule details and strategic moves I will make during today. During this period my fingers were lubricated with the water and the lemon-scented soap slipped out of my hands! A disaster, this never happened on any other day! it was a tell-tale-sign of bad luck. I was forced to pick up the slippery soap in fear of the consequences of leaving the dropped-soap to decay and be found by any other user of the shower. After showering I changed into my school clothes which were composed of pure cotton, smelling fresh like the summer breeze due to the washing conditioner. It’s texture was soft and warm, like a sheep 's wool being beaten by the sun 's rays.
I was attracted to the aroma of freshly fried eggs that were sitting on a plate waiting for me on the kitchen table. I could not resist, especially due to being…

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