Essay The On The Gilded Age

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There were a lot of different things that happened and a lot of change in the Gilded Age but one major thing that changed in the Gilded Age is the employer, employee relationship. Industrial capitalization was on the rise and the United States was on its way to becoming the world’s industrial leader. This big rise in the economy and low government involvement in industry is what possibly drove employers to maximize profit by using “scientific management”, lowering wages, heightening work hours, not providing a safe work place, and having women and children work in harsh conditions for lower pay. All of these problems sometimes resulting in many violent strikes and even lockouts, which eventually forever changed employer, worker relationship once again. “Scientific management” is one big way that was changed between the worker and employers relationship and seemed to what started the harsher working environment that workers experienced. “Managers enforced forced firm rules and regulations on the shop floor…fined workers for tardiness, flawed work, and even talking on the job” Fredrick Winslow Taylor (the man who pioneered “scientific management”) and his supporters watched every move of workers in order to maximize efficiency. Some employers stopped paying their workers on an hourly wage but rather payed them for each “piece” of product they produced, forcing workers to bring their work home and getting the whole family on in completing projects. Under high surveillance…

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