Essay about The On The First Juvenile Court

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Chapter 2: “The very young, from birth to age five or six, held much the same status as any other property in society.” I found the previous quote appalling. When society looks at a child, property should never come to mind. I believe this could be a crucial thinking error. If a child is thought to be property…families can justify selling or neglecting a child, which is what happened in many families.
Chapter 2: The first juvenile court was established in Cook County, Illinois, in 1899. What I find interesting is the fact I was raised in Cook County, Illinois. I graduated from high school in Cook County and even went to the yearly Cook County fair. It wasn 't until I moved to Texas to attend Hardin–Simmons that I found out the significance of Cook County’s Juvenile court.
Chapter 2 Discussion Question: “The legislature is proposing to abolish the juvenile court. Argue in favor of the legal philosophy that is the basis for the court. What is the philosophy, why has it been legally upheld throughout the years, and why should it be maintained?”
The philosophy behind the juvenile court is expressed in parens patriae. Parens Patriae was intended for the court to act as a guardian until such time that the youth could assume responsibility. The idea that the court assume the role as a child’s parent or guardian has been legally upheld throughout the years, and should be maintained because of the unfortunate situations that occur in life and are thus presented to the courts. If the…

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