The On The Face Of Earth Essay

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There are about seven billion identities on the face of Earth. Every individual throughout the years of their life develops their identities, personal and social. Personal identity is how one perceives oneself over one’s lifespan. Social identity is what social categories one places oneself in. It is a lifelong process that we can do unconsciously; therefore defining our own identity can be tricky. I will explain the importance of knowing one’s identity with Gandi’s quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. In order for me to live in a society I believe is ideal, then I have to represent in myself that change. I must know the details of myself and decide which ones have to be fixed to achieve my ultimate self. I could never be satisfied changing into something I am not comfortable with being. Possible self is the gasoline to my identity.
My personality can be very complex. I am not really content with where my personal identity is exactly. I am under construction. I think I have a really good heart. I am extremely moody, short-tempered, sensitive, honest, responsible, hard-working, open-minded, judgmental, brave, reasonable, sarcastic, silly. I am so grateful for everything, even the bad experiences. I think I am good at realizing when I am wrong, but I can also be really harsh on myself. I am my best friend, but also my worst enemy. My interests also make me who I am. My social interests are; going to the beach, painting, watching movies, hiking, and having…

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