The On The Expectancy Theory Essay

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caused him to repress any very hurtful memories that he would have endured from neglect that he felt from his father. Kenneth could be repressing memories that a typical father and son would experience from a standard relationship, but was unable to due to neglect, this could have been very emotionally harming causing him to repress it upon his father 's death. In addition to his father 's neglect, Kenneth would not have been able to secure a nurturing bond with his mother if he always felt inadequate by her wanting to control all aspects of his life. Kenneth 's childhood would have been filled with painful memories he would have viewed as traumatizing creating Steve, a personality whose focus is to deal with these memories and have a response to these memories. Steve 's sole focus would be to regain power and control to deal with the inadequacy Kenneth had to endure. Steve 's personality would be focused on the expectancy theory. Most offenses are caused by expectancy theory, which involves committing a crime with expecting to receive either power, control, security, affection, or money. This would fit Kenneth 's case very well, he was always neglected from basic social trends; having friends early on, successful girlfriends, supporting parents. Kenneth 's mind may have repressed memories associated towards school, starting from primary level. From feeling peer rejection early on from classmates, then into high school never being able to secure a solid social acceptance.…

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