The On The Conservation Of Information Essay

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If God exists, and he wants us to know so, he must have left breadcrumbs for us to find him. I believe information is such a breadcrumb. Without it, knowledge, communication, and scientific discovery would be impossible.
In this essay I argue that information in the universe—via the conservation of information—poses a fundamental challenge to Darwinian evolution. A second implication of the conservation of information theorem is that logically prior to the existence of the universe there had to be information—in the form of laws of physics and cosmological constants. Therefore, logically prior to the existence of universe, an intelligent mind existed. This is strong evidence for the existence of an immaterial, timeless, space-less, powerful, and intelligent Creator of the universe: God.
What is Information?
Can matter serve as the fundamental substance of human reality? William Dembski seems to answer this in the negative. He argues that “information is the primary stuff of the universe,” and that “intelligence creates information, which in turn can manifest itself materially” making thus intelligence the preeminent first cause. But before we can discern what he means exactly, let us establish a clear definition of information.
Simply put, information is “something that we know now which we did not know before.” For information to be exchanged there needs to be a code understandable to the receiver. If I receive the message “la vie est belle” but I do…

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