The On Sunday Night At Trendy Restaurant Essay

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On Sunday night, they were going to dinner at trendy restaurant. Jada showed out with a midriff red halter dress and slit down the side.

When she opened the door for Jacob he whistled.
Jada couldn’t help it…She laughed.
Jacob stated, “Your abs are ridiculous!”
Jada’s hand flew to them and she said, “That’s a compliment, right?”
He said, “Damn straight!”
They both laughed at that and then left for dinner.

As they made it to the restaurant, there was a small line to wait in. Jacob had Jada’s hand in his. She looked up at him and smiled. Jacob nodded and then kissed her on the forehead.

Again…They didn’t realize pictures were being taken of them.

On Tuesday, they were going to Jacob’s friend house in the SoHo district. Again, they were walking hand and hand. Jacob heard his name and realized it was a famous basketball player who favored Jason George of Grey’s Anatomy. Jacob introduced her to DeShawn Patterson. He seemed intrigued by Jada. She was cordial and they talked for a bit. Because DeShawn was a basketball player and famous people wanted to take his picture. Jada went to step out of the way, but he grabbed her and said, “Oh no, gorgeous. I want you to stay.”

Jada and the basketball player flanked her and they posed for the photos.
She had on a two piece palazzo trouser set. Again, she was showing off her great abs. As well, the pants fitted her below quite well. They thought they were all done and Jacob moved out of the way. However, the…

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